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   Mastercard Hiring

Mastercard is hiring Blockchain specialists in Ireland - the career landscape is chaning (college/university students take note)

Crypto Currency company Ripple XRP donates $29,000,000

#BestSchoolDay 2018: Every Project Funded!

Last night March 28, 2018 Ripple fully funded every single live classroom project. That’s over 35,000 projects in one enormous $29 million dollar act of generosity. We literally don’t have words to express our gratitude, so we had to invent some. We’re flabbermazed. Astonified. It blew us away, knocked our socks off… WOW! Go here to see the full article and video. Check out DonorsChoose and then head on over to Ripple and check out their company. Follow them on Twitter for all their latest news!

     NEWS Outlets


Why are gaming companies looking at Blockchain technology?

Listen to some teens from England talk about finances and the economy

                                 Crypto Exchanges

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Crypto Exchanges we deal with to buy, sell and trade Crypto Currency. If you take our course on Investing in Crypto for Noobs... we highlight how to use each of these platforms.