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Crypto Exchanges we deal with to buy, sell and trade Crypto Currency. If you take our course on Investing in Crypto for Noobs... we highlight how to use each of these platforms.

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Lily explains Bitcoin - pretty good for a 3 year old



Hedgie is joining our monthly give-a-way so sign on to our community to earn the chance to win 5 Hedgie's....we'll be giving away Hedgies through Groups4Schools give-a-ways page so be sure to sign up to be eligible Visit @hellohedgie on Twitter or Join them on Telegram Visit their website.


Want to check out the many YouTubers who are talking Crypto Currency. Groups4Schools is creating our own list of followers to feature on our site - stay tuned for our choices!. Below are just a couple that should interest you.

 I Love Crypto - Certified Bitcoin Professional 

Want to see (Part 2) go here You can also view a free guide on (DYOR) doing your own research before buying Crypto here


CryptoDad’s Back in May 2018 Rex gave us a shoutout on his Live Q. & A. Thursday May 31st, 2018. Rex mentions Groups4Schools early in his video. We are partnering with Rex to bring our "youth" audience some insight. Check out his page and his "coming soon" video for youth..