We Sea Learning Differently

Welcome to our community ...

At Groups4Schools we "Sea Learning Differently" 

Groups4Schools brings educational technology cutting edge initiatives to students, youth, schools and parents. We strive to share with you initiatives which are ahead of the curve. If you are looking for the next best thing or an opportunity most people have never heard of, not aware of or have not gotten involved in then Groups4Schools may be your answer.

We strive to bring you opportunities for future learning. The topics we will share and give you an opportunity to be involved in are leading edge (in most case ahead of their time). In sharing these opportunities we will inform you, teach you, but most importantly we will involve you, with hands on learning. You will have a chance to get involved, learn as you go and interact with our community as you explore new learning opportunites.

                                                                            ~Keith Tompkins~

                                                                           CEO Groups4Schools